......a collection of pictures of the team in action from our archives.......

Team photo from around 1985 taken at Eaton Hall on the Duke of Westminster's Estate.Seven of the above are still members of the side. The Fool is wincing rather than smiling as he had just broken his ankle performing Fool's Jig on the cobbles!


Yorkshire Dales, June 2000.


One of the team's favourite dances ... The Rose, Fieldtown.


Kinnerton Morris, 2003


An early version of the Morris 'kit', modeled by Mike.


The top floor of a multi-storey carpark in Wrexham (c 1979)

provides a suitable dance venue prior to opening time.


Kinnerton and Micklebarrow go round in ever decreasing circles.

Farmer's Arms, Huxley, Cheshire.


Kinnerton on tour with Micklebarrow Morris.